Error in redeploying and preview

I’m facing problem in redeploying my form. After making few changes to my form, I’m unable to redeploy my form. I’ve tried multiple times, but same error is showing up. Also I’m unable to view the preview also, it is showing, "Unknown Enketo preview error ". PLease find the screenshot attached. Please help me with this issue ASAP… .!

If it is okay with you , can you share your xls form with me?

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi @amar09ar,

As requested by @bernieseville kindly please feel free to share your xlsform to the community so that the community could support you with identifying the syntax errors within your survey form. As a backup you could also check the syntax errors at your end by validating them here.

Have a great day!

hi @Kal_Lam @bernieseville , I’ve created the form in the kobotoolbox only and the xls form is not getting downloaded . Please help me with the issue

Hi @amar09ar,

Could you send me the following information through a private message so that i could have a closer look at my end:

  • User name
  • Server (OCHA or HHI)
  • Project name

Have a great day!

Hi @amar09ar,

You can share your form also via adding me as collaborators.
Please add bernieseville and from thier I can help you check your form…

Hi @amar09ar
Can you explain whether this is solved now?