Error in Submission Data to the server


My Survey is going on the field. Enumerators are facing problems sending data to the server. The errors are shown below. Please help me to solve the issues. It is urgent!!

  1. Error: Generic Exception: Failed to upload. Please make sure the form is configured to accept submission on the server.
  2. Error: Unable to resolve host “”. No address associated with hostname.
  3. Error: Chain validation failed

Welcome to the community, @sdgcellbbs! I feel like the issue is related to the configuration of your app. Could you go through this support article to check your app’s configuration?

Feel free to reach us back if the issue still persists.

Two enumerators are facing the problem. we have changed their device. but they could not send 4 submissions. How can I get those data. those data are very important and cannot take the survey again. It would be great if we get solution to send the data.

@sdgcellbbs, maybe we need to know how this started so that it would be easy for us to troubleshoot.

In this survey, all health facility toilets are visited, pictures of all toilets are taken, and audio recording is collected. But enumerators can’t send those forms that have a large number of toilets and the interview duration is long. So is it possible that there are restrictions in submitting large files? Please I need the solution urgently.