Error in survey: Options (depending on another question’s response) do not show


Hope you are well. :slight_smile:
Since a while we have been using KOBO and overall it works really well, thanks!

Now, we came across an error and I do not know how to fix it.
What happens is that options (depending on another question’s response) are not showing, until you change this question’s response and go back to the original one.

It is about this form: and the question “¿En cuál ciudad vive?” (In which city do you live?).

To be able to see this question, the first answer should be “Datos Básicos”. Then, based on the second question (for which school do you apply?), we want to show different cities. So if we choose for example the school in Villagarzón, and then go down to the question “¿Dónde vive actualmente?” and say they live in urban area, the different options should appear, but it doesn’t show any options.
Then if we go back to the second question and change the answer to another school and then change back to the correct school (Villagarzón for example), the correct options do show in the question in which city they live.
Do you have any idea what the problem is here?

Hope I explained it well and that you can help me with this.
Thanks a lot,

Hi @sanneberendschot,

Looking at your form i guess it’s an issue with the way you have designed your survey form. Would you mind sharing the same so that we could point it out for you.

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam, thanks again for your quick response! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I cannot upload an attachment because I’m a “new user”.
Where could I send the file to?

Thanks a lot, Sanne

Hi @sanneberendschot,

You should now be able to upload your xlsform.

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Hi @Kal_Lam,

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:
Hereby the xlsform I’m using:
20200527 Encuesta MANQ’A Colombia V90.xlsx (1.9 MB)

Thanks for helping me,

Hi @sanneberendschot,

Had a quick scan to the xlsform that you sent. Could not understand as it was not designed in English. However, roughly figured out that relevant column for line 55 (${Encuesta} = 'enc_aspirantes' or ${Encuesta} = 'enc_lineasalida' or ${Encuesta} = 'enc_egresados' or ${Encuesta} = 'enc_datosbasicos') and ${Escuela} != 'ap_laguajira_renacer' and line 56 ${Area} = 'area_rural' and (${Escuela} = 'ap_laguajira_puerto_chentico' or ${Escuela} = 'ap_narino_tumaco_espriella') should be affecting your skip. Try having a closer look at them and it should be solved.

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Thanks a lot for having a look!
I can understand it is not easy as the survey is in Spanish… The project is being implemented in Latin-America.
Still, I do not understand completely what is going wrong, as the problem is not in line 56, but in line 58. The options for this question do not show, until you’ve changed once the school you’re applying to. That seems weird to me and can’t figure out what is wrong in the xlsform, or if there is some other error.

Hope this is clear,

Hi @sanneberendschot,

Try deleting the codes that you have written under the relevant column at line 55 and 56 and you should see the difference.

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Thanks for the advice, I tried deleting the code under relevant in rows 55 and 56, but it doesn’t change anything… Still, the options of the question in row 58 do not show until I change the school at least once. Do you have any other ideas what it could be?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @sanneberendschot,

Could you share with me an English version of your xlsform as it’s very difficult for me to have a look at your current xlsform.

Besides, at what condition would you like to skip the unseen question?

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Unfortunately I do not have an English version of the XLSForm… I would have to translate it.
I think the most important questions (which have influence on the question that is troubled) are:

  • Row 7: Which interview are you going to do?
  • Row 8: For which school do you apply?
  • Row 55: Where do you live currently? (urban / rural)
  • Row 58: In which city do you live?

The question on row 55 is only shown for certain interviews and this last question is only appearing if you’re living in an urban area. The options of cities that will be shown for this last question should dependent on the school you are applying for. The problem is not that the question is unseen, it does show exactly when it should be shown; the problem is that the options (answers) of this question are not shown, it’s just empty:
Options not shown

Then if you change once the shool and you go back to the question in which city you live, the options are shown perfectly fine (also according to the school you’ve chosen):
Options shown

It almost looks like after choosing that you live in an urban area, it needs to get another time the signal for which school you are applying. I did a test on which variables are stored just before the question and that was just as it should be. I’ll send you a photo of this as well.

Hope this makes it a bit clearer.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Hereby I show the version where some variables are shown just before the question.
Just filling in the survey, options are not shown:

Then changing the answer on to which school do you apply and change it back to the same school as before, the options are shown:

Hope this clarifies the problem.

Thanks a lot,

Whenever I look at logic, I start with the endpoint which in this case is Row 58.

When I look at your row 58, you have set it to only come if the following conditions are met in the Area question which is Row 55.

(${Encuesta} = ‘enc_aspirantes’ or ${Encuesta} = ‘enc_lineasalida’ or ${Encuesta} = ‘enc_egresados’ or ${Encuesta} = ‘enc_datosbasicos’) and ${Escuela} != 'ap_laguajira_renacer’

The last part of your relevant criteria on Row 55 (and ${Escuela} != ‘ap_laguajira_renacer’) makes it only relevant if the School (Escuela) is ap_laguajira_renacer. In essence, you are also making row 58 be dependent on this conditionality.

On the other hand, you have set a choice filter on Row 58 as cf=${Escuela}

The problem with that is that from the very first logic Row 58 will only appear when one school is selected since it is fed by the condition in Row 55 i.e. (Escuela) is ap_laguajira_renacer.. You then added a choice filter to Row 58 which makes no logic considering the relevant condition effect introduced by Row 55.

So, in essence, your Row 58 will only appear when the school is ap_laguajira_renacer, and at that time, you will only see the filtered choices represented by below

Relook your logic and decide what you really want for Row 55 and this may resolve your issue.


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Hi @stephanealoo,

Thanks so much for having a look!
Absolutely right that it is useless to state which cities to show if the school is Renacer. :slight_smile:
That is the only school that should NOT show the question in which city you live, so I deleted the options for this school and now it works perfectly fine.

Thanks so much and have a nice day,