Error in the app when loading the form

Hi sir Kal and sir Hakan,

May I ask for your assistance in resolving an issue in the app? When I was already using the app an error occurred in the process: " Error evaluating field ‘_Total_GE_R’ (…)… Xpath evaluation cannot handle function ‘if’ requires 3 arguments. Only 2 provided.
This issue however did not happen in the web browser.

Many thanks!

@Derek1, it seems like you still need to validate your XLSForm through this online validator to find the syntax issues within your XLSForm. I assume the issue is within your if-statement.

Hi sir Kal,

Here’s the validated form. It looks like the form is okay as there is no automatic comments like an error in the form.
Look forward to your help!

Thank you!
aQbRTB6YHpgfeT2BY6W3Fn.xml (58.0 KB)

Hi sir Kal,

Here’s the link to the preview on web browser: G-ESG Rapid Assessment Tool (

Thank you!

@Derek1, could you share the XLSForm so that everyone from the community could test it for you?

Hi sir,

Here’s the XLSForm.

aQbRTB6YHpgfeT2BY6W3Fn.xlsx (19.9 KB)