Error in the sent forms

Hello, we are facing an error in the sent forms. Data collectors are sending the forms and suddenly there are a few forms that seem not sent (look bolded black) in the sent folder on the tablet (attached picture). We are not receiving this form from the server and the data collectors are
not able to edit it, access it, or re-send it. Please how can you advise?

Welcome back to the community, @myriamdagher1! Seems like you are trying to refer to a case from within View Sent Form. This section only holds the submissions that have been sent to the server. You will not be able to edit the information from here. You could reset this by following our support article here.

Here is an example of what I am trying to refer to:

In the screenshot shared above, you will see that the View Sent Form has 1 submission already sent to the server. This submission thus cannot be edited.

Now, here is another screenshot:

In this screenshot, you will see 1 submission under the Edit Saved Form and 1 submission under Send Finalized Form. So if you see this, you should be informed that you have 1 submission in your app that is still not sent to the server.

Here is the final screenshot:

So with this screenshot, you should see that we have 2 submissions under the View Sent Form and none under the Edit Saved Form and Send Finalized Form. This lets us know that both submissions have been sent to the server safely.

Dear Kal, thank you. The issue we are facing is that there is some submission in the “View Sent Form” that are not appearing on the server. We are not able to find them although they are in the “View Sent Form” . what should we do in this case?

@myriamdagher1, did you reset the View Sent Form before starting a fresh survey? Sometimes, the submissions from pilot projects could also stay there, and you could assume that they are from the real final project. It’s also advised to check the account settings to see if the details belong to the said project.

Hello, yes we made sure that this survey belong to the project and we reset after the pilot but the survey is stuck and not showing on the server. What should we do?

@myriamdagher1, do you have anything under the Edit Saved Form?

It was in the edit thank you so much.

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