Error in the use of the pulldata function

Hello could you help me with the following error that I get when using the pulldata function in my form. Previously I had already assembled a help case to solve my problem and they suggested me to remove ‘’ from the formula and with this I managed to load the form without errors, however when implementing it the following came out, I also attach the title of the columns of the CSV file to validate that the code of the pulldata is well written.

There might be a problem with the naming of the CSV columns. ó (accent), space and / are not valid in names inside Kobo forms.

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@wroos, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

Since those columns were not used in the formula, I did not think it would affect it, however, I modified the name of the columns and now I get this error

@luker_proyectos, could you share your CSV file? Maybe there should be a formatting issue.