Error in xlsform

After programming and testing forms succesfully, the field team reported that sometimes questions don’t show up when they should. However, I checked many times but everything under ‘relevant’ is correct, moreover I tested the forms and they work correctly for me.

Trying it a few times, I notice that also on my tablet sometimes whole questions or groups are skipped. But when I start the form over (without changing anything or even without re-running it through xlsform), it suddenly works perfectly again, or other questions are missing. Basically I never know what will happen, but often things are missing and we can’t have that in the field. I’m a hundred percent sure now that it is not faulty programming.

I am programming in excel, using xlsform offline and odk collect --> latest versions.

Has anyone encountered this problem as well? What can it be? Is it because my forms are very long?


From your explanation, this is not a system issue. This seems to be an issue with your form as you have suggested it is long. I would really suggest you check the form in detail to see if any issues arise. Also could you document the following:
1… Failure within browsers; does this affect some browsers or all browsers.
2. When trying this on the collect application, does it work on KoBoCollect and ODK Collect?
3. By length of survey how long is it though? If not sensitive, could you send your XLS so that we test it?


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