Error loading form data after saved as draft

I would like to request support for a range of issues related to the literacy widget in Kobo that Save the Children uses to gather data on student literacy. In many cases, the data on whether or not the student read a word correctly does not load onto the dataset, resulting in a row of zeros instead of the actual data entered by the enumerator, which should read 1 if the word was read incorrectly, and 0 if the word was read correctly.

These issues seem to be related to:

  1. Whether or not the enumerator saved a draft of the survey, then later returned to the draft and submitted it.
  2. Whether or not the enumerator selected “finish” in the literacy widget to signal that the child has finished reading the passage- this is to be expected.
  3. There is also an error message that the enumerator receives when going back to a draft, in cases where the enumerator has completed the reading section before saving the draft.

We conducted some test surveys that were run on these factors. We tested the forms based on whether the reading passage was correctly finished, whether the form was saved as a draft, and whether the form was saved as a draft before or after the literacy passage was completed. We could not find a continuous pattern between these factors. The only combination that consistently gave us the correct number of words read was when the form was not saved as a draft and the reading passage was completed, and when the form was saved as a draft after correctly completing the reading passage. However, in the instances when the draft is saved after correctly completing the reading passage, we receive the error “TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘classList’)” when reloading the form.


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Could you share here the related part of the XLSForm, please?

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It seems I am unable to upload a file onto the forum as a new user, is it possible to change this?


@julia_taladay, you should now be able to upload files in the community forum. Please also let us know the browser you are using so that it’s easy for us to troubleshoot.

I have the same problem. I save tre form, but whenI tried to openitagain I received this message

@jguanira, are you using the literacy widget as @julia_taladay?

Thanks Kalyan. Please find the full deidentified XLS form attached. I have been using Microsoft Edge as my browser to test the form, though I am not sure which browser is used by data collection managers in the field who first flagged this issue.
Philippines XLS_073123_Full_Deidentified.xlsx (106.1 KB)