Error loading form - Form Verified say language issue

I am getting an Error Loading form issue when I use preview.

Error message below:

  • Failed to load data from /media/get/https/

It does seem to work, however. when I open the form and add data. When I use the form verifier I am told:

The following language declarations do not contain valid machine-readable codes: English, Khmer. Learn more:

I have looked at this webpage but does not provide much help. Please could someone help This form worked in May. Our postponed survey is not scheduled to start so I need to fix this to train numerators very quickly. Thanks

Welcome back to the community, @DavidT! It seems like you have a media question type and have added media after deploying your survey project. Would you mind redeploying your survey project again?

I have done so. The media file is also loaded to the Master Mentor form project, so I am having an issue there. It also worked fine in May before the survey was postponed. I really appreciate the support you are providing!

Do you mean it’s working now after redeploying your project?

No- I get the same Loading error when I preview both forms.

OK, could you share with the community your CSV file so that we could have a look at the structure to see if the CSV file is structured wrongly?

SchoolNamesimport.csv (394.7 KB)

Here is the media file. I tried deleting the old media and reuploading this file but it now won’t upload. I see the media page has changed, so this has maybe something to do with it

Seems like some characters are not supported. FYR:

Try using a simple sample text as a quick check to see if a normal text should solve your issue.

I took my raw data, which has Khmer fonts and followed instructions I created back in March, and the problem now seems to be resolved. Thank you for your assistance.

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Thank you for confirming @DavidT!