Error loading submitted form

Hi Kobo Toolbox Team ,

I have faced the error page loading when I try to check and edit submitted data from the forms that was working fine before.

The system shows this following message:

Hope you can help on this,

@Okard, would you mind validating your xlsform through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?

Hi Kal_Lam

The validator shows no serious error. It just show the name lable. Furthermore, I have been able to deployed form since months and we have collected data on the form already. We have edited the submitted data too. However, now when I go to data and wanted to make some editing to existing data it show the message like in the photo.

OK as a cross check would you mind cloning your survey project as a new project and then make a dummy entry. Try editing the submissions that was sent as a dummy project to see if you see the same issue there too.

Dear Kal_lam,

I have follow your instruction. I have clone couple of forms that has the same issue. I have fill in the blank form and successfully summited the sample. And then when I tried to edit the submission I found the same message

Maybe it’s time that you share your xlsform with the community then. The community should be able to verify it and help you out to see if there are any syntax issues that is affecting the form.


Please see my form in attached here:

Form 1: Econ Form: Econ_form.xlsx (50.3 KB)

Form 2: Function Form: Function_.xlsx (46.2 KB)

Any suggestion would be appreciated,