Error loading survey: mismatched group/repeat tags

Hi, I have a form that has four groups with the same questions, but on a different theme. Most of the each theme’s form is a long matrix. I have built the form for each group/theme separately and they all work well. Now I am trying to put them all in a single form and am getting this error message when I try to edit the XLSform in the formbuilder in order to change to the form style to “grid theme” in “Layout & Settings” before I try to visualize it. The form is huge – over 5000 lines, each one appearing as a question. I have renamed group tags in the different groups/themes.

What could the problem(s) be, any suggestions? I saw a previous question about the same type of error, that had been resolved with better internet connection, but that has not helped me (yet?).

Hi @smitraud, welcome to the community,

In case there are some syntax errors or duplications in your form, can you validate it in here:

And can you share a screenshot of the error message with us?


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Hello @smitraud,
if the questions are always the same you might better use a repeat with repeat_count = 4.

Did you check your form with the online validator ?

For your testing and better localisation of the problem you could reduce your integration first to 2 groups and or few lines from the matrix.

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Thank you for the quick reply! I am new to KoBo, so the help is much appreciated!

I will check the site you mentioned. Meanwhile, here is the screenshot

Thanks for the quick reply!
The matrices are not exactly the same. The names on the rows are fixed and required. The two first columns are the same for the four matrices, but one has only three questions, the other have four questions and the there are variations in the questions. But I will follow all your suggestions. As I mentioned earlier, I am new to KoBo and it seems I started with a tough job!