Error message ' allow_choice_duplicates'

Hi there,

I am currently building my form and I don’t know why but now I can’t click on “preview form”, instead I have this error message :

“There does not seem to be a allow_choice_duplicates column header defined in your settings sheet. You must have set allow_choice_duplicates setting in your settings sheet to have duplicate choice list names in your choices sheet”

I tried to figure it out on the internet and with a person who knows Kobotoolbow well but we failed. That’s why I am actually posting here hoping someone can help me.


Hi @mariegillot
Welcome to the community forum. The error you are seeing is that you do have responses within the same choice_list that have a similar name within your choices. You can also find discussions that have happened on the same here.


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Thank you all!
I finally found the duplicated choice thanks to the kobotoolbox form online validator: ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x

You can have a look :


Thank you for confirming and sharing the solution with the entire community, @mariegillot!