Error message in pull dataset

Hi, while trying to deploy my project, I keep receiving this error message related to the dataset of pull data.

The confusing thing is when I deploy this form and download in my android app, it works fine. But, when I try to open my project in my laptop, then this error message pops up. Can anyone please figure out the problem here? Thanks in advance. Here is the dataset that I used for pull data.
enumerator.csv (4.5 KB)
enumerator.xlsx (13.8 KB)

@tasfik_rukan, your CSV file seems to be OK. Maybe you will also need to share your XLSForm with the community with the pulldata function so that the community can help you out.

Thanks @Kal_Lam for your reply. Here is my XLSForm for the your kind support. Thanks.
WASH CFRM_Receive_V2.xlsx (19.8 KB)

@tasfik_rukan, I don’t see an issue with your XLSForm or the CSV file. I am able to load the data that is in the CSV file smoothly without any issue. FYR: