Error message on gps location once submitting the form

Hello Kobo team,

I have a very big issue on the GPS coordinates. Before using the tool in the field, my team and I tested it and it worked okay. Today GPS coordinates are not responsive. I get an error message that I should fill in the blanks. But they are filled including the GPS question. the location is detected but once I submit it returns an error message on that specific GPS location question.
Image 1 is the error message.
Please assist me.
Thank you!

The error message is attached below.

Please, look for data protection when publishing in this forum.

One can easily locate the place in google, with the road name (or your GPS data).

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Welcome to the community, @oduogi21! Would you mind checking the constraint of the GPS question? There should be some constraints.

Your screenshot seems to show more than one point. Can you check, please, that you used geopoint as type for this question (not geotrace or geoshape)?

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Thank you @Kal_Lam
How or where do I check for the constraint? It does not seem to have any. Please assist thanks.

Hello Wroos,

Yes I used geopoint as the question type. The error is still persistent