Error message on previewing survey drafted ("reading "'length'")

Hello, Kobo community. We encountered an error when we tried to preview our survey. Error message was:

Cannot read properties of undefied (reading “length”).

Any help will be most welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @afi_progov and welcome to the community!

Can you validate your form in here to see if there are any syntax issues:

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Thanks for your reply!

Here’s the message I got when I dropped the Kobo survey XLS form into the getodk space:

Do I understand correctly that since the survey is written in the Filipino language, I cannot be read by the system?

BTW: non-techy, non-programmer person here!

Thank you again!

Hi @afi_progov,

  • Do you have 2 (or more) languages in your form or is it just one language?
  • Did you use the Kobo’s Form Builder to create your form or excel?
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Thank you, @hakan_cetinkaya!

Language is primarily (~95%) in just one language (Filipino), except for some English words where direct translation is too difficulty or is absent
The survey was done inside Kobo Form Builder

Hi @afi_progov,

Can you download your form in XLS format, and open it?

This is a help article shows you how you can download your form in XLS format:

When you open the XLS format, you’ll see 3 sheets. Named: survey , choices , settings .

Can you stay in the survey sheet and take a screenshot of the Label column, and post it here?

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Got this!

Here’s the screenshot:

Hope I got it right-


Yep you got it right @afi_progov,

Now, as you can see, your label is named

label::Filipino (“filipino(fil)”)

Can you change it to:

label::Filipino (fil)

You need to change the hint column as well.

Alternatively, you can change them just to:




And then can you upload them and see if those work

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Did all that you instructed, @hakan_cetinkaya

Then when I uploaded and deployed into Kobo, still got the same error message :frowning:

What else can I do?

Thank you for your patience!

@afi_progov, I see a question which says Quesiton label is required in your latest screenshot.

Can you validate the latest xls, the one which you made changes, and share the screenshot of the message?

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Here are the edits made, as guided
Edit 1 of 2

Here are the edits made, as guided

Edit 2 of 2

(as a newbie, I can only post 1 photo at a time :sweat_smile:)

Oh no- there were changes in various aspects of the survey


Then here are the changes when I did the fil edits


Can you make the following changes:

label::Filipino (fil) to label
hint::Filipino (fil) to hint

And upload your xlsform?


Will try this and upload updates.

Thank you!

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@afi_progov, Quick update after testing in my end:

You’ll also need to change the following:

  • label::Filipino (fil) to label in the choices sheet.

  • Delete default_language column in settings sheet


will do these. salamat! (thank you in Filipino :smile: )

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@hakan_cetinkaya you are a lifesaver! thank you so much! the steps worked!


@hakan_cetinkaya, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: