Error message on upload "Openosa submission endpoint?"

Hi folks,
My collaborator is trying to upload data from a survey and we’re consistently getting this message:

Survey 2.0 - Failed to send to hittps://
%3A7wGHnjnYSzaZmwCy. Is this an Openosa submission endpoint? If
you have a web proxy you may need to log in to your network.

Last time this cropped up I believe I solved it by stripping the images out of the survey files and uploading them manually (through batch upload). This is not an option this time, however, since I’m on a different continent and don’t have access to the tablet itself.

Could anyone explain what is going on and how we may get around it?

Thank you!

@ikroupin1, are you trying to submit your collected data directly to google sheet?

Nope. That’s the weird thing - I didn’t enter any google sheet details in the survey, not sure where that’s coming from. The data is supposed to go straight to the kobo repository

Figured it out! It seems that the folks who sent me the survey were using some template and in the “Settings:” sheet of the .xlsx there was a column “submission_url” that linked to some non-existant google spreadsheet.

Figured I’d update in case anyone else runs up against this.

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Full error message in case people search for it:

[Survey name] - Failed to send to [url]. Is this an OpenRosa submission endpoint? If you have a web proxy you may need to log into your network.

HEAD request result status code: 200


Thank you for sharing the solution with the entire community, @ikroupin1! :clap: :heart: :partying_face: