Error message seen in Collect android app

Hello KAL
When I start collecting, there is a message displayed. whose image is above. I also attach my excel fileESSAI.xlsx (37.1 KB)

Have you tested your xlsform with this online validator. I could see an issue in the same:

Try fixing the same and you should not see the issue seen above.

Hint: Would you mind checking G25 i.e. under the repeat_count you have used ${total_mn}. Did not find any variable with this name that you are trying to reference.

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Hi @nomolos
The response provided by @Kal_Lam is the solution to your issue.

However, I would like to understand whether the form that you are using on your collect correctly deployed within KoBoToolbox? Please confirm if during deployment it never gave you errors. Since if this is the case, then my colleague would be interested in digging further it cc @jnm


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