Error message seen in KoBoCollect android app

bonjour à tous je voudrais de l’aide car je n’arrive pas a tranferer les données de mon enquete j’ai ce message qui apparait sur mon ecran:

" vous devez migrer les formulaires collect vers le stockage privé pour vous conformer aux exigences d’Android. Dans Collect V1.29, la migration sera forcée à l’installation.

Welcome to the community @dpierrot! Would you mind explaining your issue in detail so that we could help you out. Would appreciate if you could also share with us a screenshot of your issue.

C’est lié à un changement général du système Android. Seulement confirmez pour ce changement automatique. C’est tout.

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vous trouverez ci jointe la capture d’écran
de la tablette

meme quand je confirme les données ne vont pas

You have sent 98 forms. Finalised 78. One saved only. The finalised must be sent manually in your configuration.
So, what exactly is the problem for which cases, please?
For the Android security update click on the “En savoir plus …”

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regardez svp le message qui se trouve sur l’ecran lorsque j’éssaye d’envoyer les formulaire finalisés ils ne vont pas

Hi @dpierrot,

Kindly please be informed that sometimes the completed forms that are in the Collect android app does not get synced with the KoBoToolbox server if the forms you assume to be completed are in fact incomplete. The best option to solve such issue would be as follows:

  • Open Edit Saved Form from your Collect android app.
  • Open a submission (any that is there in your Collect android app.
  • Then click Go to End. Save the submission. You should be notified if there are any response that have been left blank. If this is the case, you will have to complete the blank response first.
  • Repeat this for almost all the submissions that are stuck in your device.
  • Now press Send Finalized Form.
  • Your forms should get synced with the KoBoToolbox server.

Merci infniment

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