Error message seen when deploying a survey form


I also have the same problem when deploying. "

“Expecting value: line 2 column 1 (char 1)”

please the solution…


Hi @budhy_priantomo,

Welcome to the community! Have you gone through the post that has been discussed previously (it should solve your issue):

Have a great day!

to be honest, I was very confused by the error. so far there has never been such a problem.

can you review my xlsform

Hi @budhy_priantomo,

Please feel free to share your xlsform with the community! The community should help you solve your issue.

Have a great day!

a69MBGuowzPDmRBHfm2MPE.xlsx (34.0 KB)

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Hi @budhy_priantomo,

Having looked at your xlsform i see a couple of issues that i have fixed which i would like to list it out here so that it would be documented for the entire community (who could refer to if and when needed).

Issue 1: Invalid name assigned under name column as shown in the image below:

Image 1.1

I have changed the same as shown in the image below:

Image 1.2

Issue 2: You have defined your survey with a default_language as indonesian. However, when looking at the survey tab and the choices tab i do not see any multiple language used.

Image 2.1

Hence i changed the same as shown in the image below:

Image 2.2

Issue 3: You had a typo in the constraint column in row number 127, 129, 139 and 141. I have made changes and have highlighted them in the attached xlsform.

You should now be able to upload your xlsform without any issue.

Reference xlsform:

a69MBGuowzPDmRBHfm2MPE.xlsx (36.0 KB)

Have a great day!

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thank you for your help

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