Error message seen while deploying a survey project

Hello there! I am facing the deploy problem of xls form. If you see the screenshot you will understand. And I have tried looking at the PMM_2_2.xls form. Please see the screen shot.

Welcome to the community @nazmul111631! Would you mind sharing your xlsform so that the community could help you out.

Thank you Kal_lam. Herewith I have attaced the xls form. Please provide me a solution. PS KOBO Trial 2.xlsx (16.7 KB)

This is an issue with your form design. I recommend that you potentially use to validate the specific issue on your form. I checked and it showed the following error

Check the errors on your form

bind for ${femp3} contains invalid constraint expression [.>=0 and .<=( ${os1} -{me2})] Couldn’t understand the expression starting at this point: …${os1} -͎{me2})

Once I corrected those errors, the form was able to run through

PS KOBO Trial 2.xlsx (17.1 KB)

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Hi stephanealoo,

Thank you for helping me out. I’m looking into the for my better understanding.

Thanks again.

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