Error message seen while trying to export data to SPSS


I am failing to get the data into SPSS formats. I am having that error message, how best can I be assisted?

Hi @bkgwadi,

Would you mind having a look at the support article CONVERTING YOUR DATA INTO SPSS AND/OR STATA and see if it solves your issue.

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Hie @Kal_Lam

I tried to do that instead I am getting more errors.image . There is a common error

Warning # 4461 in column 3. Text.

Is it too late for the development guys to have a look at that export facility? It has to work because the CSV file export works.

Hi @bkgwadi,

Could you kindly providing me the following (through a private message) so that i could have a closer look at my end:

  • User name
  • Project name
  • Server (OCHA or HHI)

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Hi @bkgwadi,

This is because when you download your data in a csv file type you generally get the variable name as outlined in the image below:

While in reality, the variable name in the SPSS label is set as outlined in the image below:

So if you delete the unmatched names (by deleting the common_data/) from the csv dataset as shown in the image below, you should be able to label your dataset:

So the fact is that you will need to ensure that the variable you have defined in your xlsform should match the variables that you see in the csv dataset.

You might also be wondering how the common_data/ comes in my variable name while downloading the csv dataset. If you look at your survey tab of your xlsform, i see that you have grouped some of the variables as shown in the image below:

Image 3

So this is why you should see the grouping names provided to the variables.

Ensure these while managing your dataset and you should be able to label you dataset (without any issue).

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Just to add to @Kal_Lam. You should NOT activate the group name option for the csv export, and your csv should come without group names. (Follow the support article cited.)