Error message "Server authentication problem (401)" seen while trying to submit data collected through Enketo

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An Enuemrator have been collecting data through a kobo enketo web server. But now, she has not been able to upload around 23 completed forms and all of them are at the queue. The message that pop up is the server autentication prblem (401). I am attaching some screenshots. I am able to provide * User name, * * Project name. Just let me know! We are using:|690x387

Could you kindly translate the message you are seeing on your end.


“If you want to send the data that is in queue you will have to log in. If you want to do it right now, we will redirect you but you will lose the data you have not saved. Would you like to log in now or later?”

The problem is that I loged in and it did not work and the data is still in the queue.


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Hi @FelipeMartinez,

Would you mind having a look at the post discussed previously:

It should solve you issue.

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Hi again!
I aksed the survey users to change their account seetings as adviced the previous days, in order for them to have view access of their data and control for unwanted submissions.

Now they try to submit their draft forms and they have the 401 error

They use safari as a borwser, would this be an issue? how can they solve the problem? what if they change the account settings again - not requiring authentication- will they be able to submit? and if yes wiil they be able to view their forms throught the “open” icon?

thank you!

Hi @Stavripal,

If you look at the bottom of the Enketo form closely you should find a logout text as shown in the image below:


Press the logout and then try to submit. If it does not allow you to submit try using the correct login credentials to submit (i.e. the correct username and the password that was recently changed). This should solve your issue.

They have not changedusername or password. they only checked the box “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” in their account settings.

OK if this is the case they will need to login and so will be able only to submit the submissions. The login dialogue box should appear when they try to submit the forms to the server.