Error message shown while previewing my survey form in KoBoToolbox

Hi there,

I am having a similar problem where I am unable to preview an xls form that I uploaded. It seems that it successfully loads, but then when I click the preview icon, it just shows a continuous “loading” message. At the bottom of the “loading” message, it says “u’maritalstatus’”, which appears to be a reference to one of the columns in my sheet. Can you please support?

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Hi @indiajmes
Could you confirm which server are you trying to preview the form in? Also could you send your XLS form so that we look at it?


Dear Stephane,

Thanks for your reply.

I am using the HHI server and the form is attached for your reference.

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xlsform practice.xlsx (16.5 KB)

Hi @indiajmes,

Kindly please be informed that your xlsform had multiple issues (syntax errors in it) that was causing the preview error. I have fixed and highlighted them in yellow (so that you could track it back). For your ease please see the summary of the syntax errors:

  • Unmatched group i.e. there were some groups that had a begin group but did not have an end group.
  • You had a question as select_one maritalstatus in the survey tab but the choices tab had a typo error with marialstatus hence the question could not link the choices. I fixed the same as maritalstatus in the choices tab.
  • The variable name should never have a space in it, but your xlsform had the same. It was something like household composition which i later changed it as household_composition.
  • The parameters set for the range question type had an issue. You had something like start=1;end=10;step=1 which i fixed it as start=1 end=10 step=1.
  • The parameters for the image question type had a typo. You had something like max-pixels-1024. I fixed it as max-pixels=1024.
  • You had a typo in the column heading for capturing the accuracy as body;;accuracyThreashold. I fixed it as body;;accuracyThreashold.
  • You had a typo for an other skip as selected(${reasons_yield},'other_reason'. I fixed it as selected(${reasons_yield},'other_reason').

Your xlsform is now clean and you should be able to upload them and deploy them without having to see any error message:

To ensure that your xlsform does not have a syntax error in them, you could always validate it with the XLSForm Online Validator.

Your Refined xlsform:
xlsform practice (refined).xlsx (16.8 KB)

Have a great day!

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