Error message Start tag expected, '<' not found when editing submissions

@wroos this has actually been a mystery to me until solving this issue today: Export Failed Error message while downloading data from KoBoToolbox server - #24 by babajide_oluseyi

If I replicate the issue on that thread, trying to edit submissions reproduces the issue on this thread about the “Start tag…”. Hopefully resolving formpack#303 will fix both cases.

There was additionally an issue here that caused this: Changes in pyxform behavior break submission editing · Issue #3751 · kobotoolbox/kpi · GitHub


Thanks @Josh,

Even if there is a newer not yet deployed one?

Hello @Josh,
To dig deeper, we might review again similar cases you treated here before, e.g. Search results for 'Start tag expected, '<' not found' - KoboToolbox Community Forum
All since March, mostly June this year… Modal edit, preview …
So, all cases popped up after March release?
Release Notes - version 2.022.08, 2.022.08a
(I couldn’t find a similar error before or in the ODK forum.)

For me, it seems related to #3751… Your “solutiion” with download/upload indicates that some difference against direcly editing makes the turn.

Sorry, from a user regard, it is confusing and a bit strange that different (parsing/converting) tools are working in the background and create such problems, esp. after an update.

Thanks @wroos for adding some additional context. We are investigating and will keep an eye on this particular issue coming up occasionally.