Error message unexpected Application Error

I was trying to view a submitted form - and this error came up. It seems to be referencing a grid question but know how to fix the issue. Thanks!!

Welcome back to the community, @tabas! Do you still get this issue? Did you get this issue when trying to view the DATA>Table view?

Hi @Kal_Lam
thanks for checking. yes - i still have this error (sorry i’m bad at replying right away … until i have to work on the database again).
it comes when i go to Data-table-Open.
for Data-table-edit is seems ok and takes me to the form. but just opening a record, it always results in this error message.
There is one grid question and i have the form style as grid theme with multiple pages.
Thanks for any hints as to how to fix!

Hi @Kal_Lam
Now, i entered in another record and there is no error message on the new record. So i don’t know what has caused the problem - I deleted the problem record now and it seems to be OK.

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@tabas, let us know if the issue still persists!