Error Message when checking XLSFORM code on XLSForm Online v2.x


We are piloting Health Services and Capacities Strengthening Project funded by World Bank to provide free health care to Women of childbearing age 15-49 and Children under 5 years old and I’m the IT incharge of designing survey application on Kobo cloud server (
I got this error message when trying to check bug in XLSFORM code via XLSFORM Online v2.x

“Error: pyxform odk validate dependency: java not found”

The data is around 32 546 records inside the the form from cascading ID code of each record for 4 levels. (ID code of health care beneficiary is like : “Kin-Tél-Mis-Dar-47134316200” on screenshot.

Please need help

Steps to Reproduce

  1. …Write XLSFORM code in Excel
  2. …Check code from XLSForm Online v2.x and got above error
  3. Even when trying to upload in Kobo formbuilder

Expected behavior

Error message stated above as “Error: pyxform odk validate dependency: java not found”

Actual behavior

Following screenshots attached :
1.Error when checkin Telimele data from xlsform code via XLSForm Online V2x.jpg
2…Cascading ID level 1-Ex Kin-Tél-Kob-Sap-130520307633.jpg
3.Cascading ID level 2-Ex Kin-Tél-Kob-Sap-130520307633.jpg
4. Cascading ID level 3-Ex Kin-Tél-Kob-Sap-130520307633.jpg
5. Cascading ID level 4-Ex Kin-Tél-Kob-Sap-130520307633.jpg

Additional details

Your environment, why you think this might be happening, or stuff you tried that didn’t work

I usually check my XLSFORM code via XLSForm Online v2.x and if no bug, I can upload in Formbuilder on kobo cloud server
Yes I need as a category of error to merge with another category or subcategory

I forgot to attach the Upload error from kobo dedicated accound cloud server as following:

The World Bank Healt project IT in Guinea Conakry, West Africa (Not a reply but an additional details of support request)

Welcome back to the community, @ugpmsguinee! Would you mind changing fonts used under the myfilter to a normal text without the - within text to see if this solves your issue?

Dear assistance mates of Kobo forum,
Forms are laoding well right now without error in kobo project dedicated account cloud server but it takes for exense 3 days for minimum of 10 000 around database records after buggs check and compiling from the platform.
But I did not remove the dash signs inside the ID of entity (like inside Kin-Tél-Thi-Ndi-31660211479) but forms are loading now and display easily Enketo page interface as normal

Tanks anyway for paying more attention on my concern.

NB: Here are attached screenshot of health care process form displayed after error checks and compiling xlsform code

Screen shot 11
Screen shot 1
Screen shot 2
Screen shot 3
Screen shot 4
Screen shot 5
Screen shot 6
Screen shot 7
Screen shot 9
Screen shot 10
Screen shot 8

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Thank you for sharing the details with the community!

U r welcome and very happy to see you back after 1 year around. When I completed the survey system for collecting childbearing women et children less than 5 years old in order to get provided free health care and heath care centers reimbursed every quarter by World Bank via our Project Implementing Unit (PIU) in Guinea Conakry (West Africa).
I succeeded this system by the grace of all of you assistance I will never forget and we still stay in touch as longer as my project continue implementation in the country.

Have all of you a good day.

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