Error message when previewing form

Hello, after making some changes on the form, i get this error message. I don’t

know what it means. Error generating preview ‘mk5cw60’

When i am deploying the form i get this error Unexpected KoBoCAT error 400: b’{“detail”:"[row : 32] List name not in choices sheet: mk5cw60"}’

Welcome to the community @ongordennis! If you download your survey project as an xlsform you should be able to see survey tab. In this survey tab check out row 32 and you should find a question (either a select_one mk5cw60 or a select_multiple mk5cw60 whose choices should be stored in the choices tab under the name column. It seems that you do not have the corresponding name i.e. mk5cw60 for the question that is present in row 32.

You could also validate your xlsform through this online validator. It should help you identify and solve your issue. Feel free to reach us back if you are still not able to solve your issue.

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