Error message when previewing: "more than one survey elements named... in the section named..."

We have built a survey and are having troubles previewing it. Error message says: “There are more than one survey elements named ‘group_hd5ph17_header_column_female’ (case-insensitive) in the section named ‘group_hd5ph17_header’.”
Can someone please help us?
Thank you very much!

Hi @bno_merl,

Welcome to the community! Kindly please be informed that you are seeing this error message as you have a repeated group name group_hd5ph17_header in your survey project.

To solve the issue, i would advise you to do the following:

  • Download the survey project in the xlsform format.
  • Open the survey tab and then search for group_hd5ph17_header. You should find 2 names within the survey tab.
  • Rename the later one.
  • Save the changes made and then replace the edited version in the KoBoToolbox server.
  • Deploy and the problem should be solved.

Kindly please be informed that name in an xlsform should always be unique. Would also advise you to validate your xlsform here and you should be able to find other syntax errors within your xlsform (if any).

Have a great day!

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