Error message when saving0 and previewing form

Dear all.
I prepared the form, but I’m facing some problem in saving and form preview.
I closed and opened the form many time but the error remain…

Welcome @swisscontact_21,
Did you validate the xlsform through this online validator?

No. Because I’m using online form, not xlsform.

@swisscontact_21, could you also share with us a screenshot of your issue? That would help us understand your problem pictorially.

@swisscontact_21, possibly due to the server maintenance. FYR:

Thanks dear @Kal_Lam for attention and help.
For today, I’m stopping, I going to continue tomorrow.

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@swisscontact_21, the issue must have been resolved by now. Could you kindly confirm?

Now, it is working perfectly.

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Thank you for confirming @swisscontact_21!

Hello @swisscontact_21,
You can easily download the form as XLS and then use the Online validator to validate, which we do often during step-by-step form development.

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