Error modifying form data implemented

Buenos días, estoy tratando de modificar una información de un formulario que está implementado y cuando lo hago y le doy clic en “Enviar” me aparece el error que se ilustra en la imagen, he intentado en diferentes navegadores e iniciando la sesión en otra pestaña pero sigue sin servir, agradezco me puedan colaborar,

Hi @danielarodriguez,

Could you kindly share the screenshot with an English text. This would help us understand the error message that you see.

Es muy posible que la autenticación que tenga no pueda editar el formulario. ¿Podría confirmar lo siguiente?

  1. ¿Es dueño del formulario?
  2. ¿Se le comparte el formulario?
  3. Si se comparte el formulario,
  4. ¿podría confirmar que tiene permisos para editarlo?


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Hola, soy dueña del formulario.

Muchas gracias.

The text says: “Incorrect sending. The authentication is necessary. Please authenticate to a different browser tab and try again”.

I tried to do this action from different browser like Google Chrome and Microsoft edge but the error continues.

Hi @danielarodriguez,

Could you explain us a bit more regarding how you tried to modify, where did you try to modify and why did you try to modify?

First I look the record that I need to modify in the option table:

Then I choose the record and I click on edit it

After I modify the number that was wrong

But when I send the error appears

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Hi @danielarodriguez,

Thank you for providing the detail information! Yes, the steps you did are the exact way that should be done to make edits in a submission. Alternatively you could also edit the same by pressing the eye like button under the DATA>Table and then by pressing the EDIT button when the form shows up. Please note: after making edits, you should refresh the page to see changes.

If you are getting the error message as shown in the image below:

It’s because you have checked the Require authentication to see forms and submit data which is present under the ACCOUNTS SETTINGS (as shown in the image below).

Simply un-check the button and you should not see the error message again.


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