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Please help me fix this error.


Welcome to the community, @timeandtide! Would you also mind sharing your CSV file with the community that was used in the survey project? Maybe the issue is with the CSV file.

oakcod.csv (4.6 KB)
ssgclist.csv (50.2 KB)

Here you go.

The CSV files seem to be OK. Did you deploy your survey project after you uploaded the CSV file?

Yes, I did. Are they both okay? I noticed my ODK was giving me an error too so I was wondering if Kobo was updating.

OK as a quick check would you mind removing this oak_status variable as it has no values with it.

Feel free to reach us back if this solves your issue.

Okay, noted. Thank you

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Fixed! Thank you…

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Thank you for confirming @timeandtide!