Error Occurred with Preview Not Displayed

Hi ! We had finished the development of the survey with a total of 1705 questions ( demographic-25, job specific 336X5=1680 sub questions). We saved the draft and while attempted to check the form from VIEW, an error occurred and we received a message as attached with the mail.

Kindly help us solve the problem. We have to do the survey with 500 respondents therefore kindly advise if we can manage within the free space provided by KOBOTOOLBOX.
Screenshot (2)
Kindly Help Us with the Solution of the Problem.

Have you validated your xlsform through this online validator? It should help you identify the syntax issues that are present within your xlsform.

Thank you for the support. I checked with the online validator. I downloaded the XL form from the PROJECT we had developed in the website and checked with the ONLINE VALIDATOR. We went for PREVIEW of the validator and checked all the questions. The system validated all the questions and there was no error. We have also downloaded the XForm but don’t know what to do next?

@npjtasurvey, could you kindly share with us the following through a private message so that we could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

@npjtasurvey, are you still not able to view your survey project? I didn’t have any issues on my end. I could load the page without any issue:

Kindly please let us know if the issue persists. Maybe we could have a look from a different approach.

Oh, while looking at your survey project, I observed one thing that may be helpful for you and the community. I observed around 2000 plus survey questions in your survey project. Maybe this is one reason you cannot load your survey project with Enketo. Would you mind loading your survey project with a device that has greater RAM and processer to see if it solves your issue?

Hi Sir, now its occasional that the error message appears or it takes long to load the form while in ‘EDIT in Form Builder’ section and ‘Form Preview’ in the same section. Otherwise in the ‘Collect Data’ mode, it is working fine. Do you suggest we should proceed with the actual survey process, collecting the data.

@npjtasurvey, the only issue I observed in your survey project was that you had many questions (which should be causing you the delay).

Hi @npjtasurvey
Could you provide information about the browser you are using where you are seeing the delays. Also try run console when you are having delays (Ctrl+Shift+J) when trying to open and send the screenshot for us to look at it.


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Hi Sir,
The following are the screenshots. We are still having trouble opening the FORM PREVIEW in ‘EDIT IN FORM BUILDER’ Section. Collect Data section seems to be working fine. We have a total of 1705 questions. Kindly guide us further. We are using GOOGLE CHROME. We tried it from Mozilla to but the same problem persisted. We are in dilemma whether we should continue with the problem. We plan to have 500 respondents. Kindly also clarify if we will be able to obtain the data of 500 respondents from the kobotoolbox meant for Researchers, Aid Workers & Everyone Else. If we won’t be able to obtain the surveys in a month, does kobotoolbox automatically provides extension of the time period for the next month. Kindly also let me know if National Law Enforcement Agencies (Police) can use the Humanitarian Server?

Best Regards

Hi Sir, hopefully we will move forward with the project. One thing I would like to be clear. We are approaching 500 respondents in a schedule of 2 months (April - May). Does 10,000 respondents per month allowed for our purpose indicate:

  1. Having only 1 month of Free Surveys not exceeding 10000 respondents
  2. We can conduct any specific survey for any duration of time ( i.e 3 months) without any disruption keeping the number of respondents below 10,000 per month.

Kindly also let me know if National Law Enforcement Agencies (Police) can use the Humanitarian Server?

@npjtasurvey, you should be able to find out more through our support article Which Server Should I Use?. With your HHI account, you could always collect data that does not exceed 10,000 submissions per month or exceed 5 GB in total (lifetime). If either of them is exceeded, you may be reached out by one of our team members.

Regarding your other issue:

The OCHA server is meant for humanitarian causes. Hence, if your project is not related to the same, we advise you to use the HHI server.

Good luck with your data collection!

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Thank you very much Sir. Highly Appreciated.

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