Error Ocurred <label> node for itemset doesn’t exist!

Hi Kal,

I have tried everything to get this form to work on KoboCollect:

  • Added media files for location
  • Checked URL
  • Submitted form on ODK test online

Can you help me?

v3impactprinciplelog.xlsx (27.9 KB)
District_Code.csv (21.0 KB)
Subdistrict_Code.csv (334.4 KB)
Village_Code.csv (3.9 MB)


I keep getting the error message

The media files uploaded look like this
kobo issue district csv shot

I have tried the following:
Updating the media files with location for filtering
Reviewing syntax and structure
Uploading it to test syntax on ODK
Saving as CSV (*.csv) and avoiding UTF 8 for CSV format

Any help would be appreciated, I feel as though I have tried everything and the error keeps coming up.

@andre_ch, would you mind keeping only one label to see how it behaves in your media file?

hi @Kal_Lam I changed it to one label, the same error message comes up

hi @Kal_Lam , I deleted all labels BUT 1 of the labels in the media file to see how it behaves, I also tried deleting the English set of labels col
label bahasa only
, then I tried deleting the Indonesian set of labels col, but the same error message pops up saying an error occurred, node for itemset doesn’t exist! [instance(District_Code)/root/item/label

I mean you have multiple labels i.e. label::English and so on. Keep only one label at the column header and also remove everything after :: from the label i.e. you will need to remove ::English too.

@Kal_Lam like this?
like this

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Yes, you got that correct! Let us know what happens then!

@Kal_Lam it works! You’re the best!

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@andre_ch, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: