Error of sharing

Dear all,
I’m hoping this message finds you well.
I’m starting to use the Kobo Toolbox for a research project, and at first, it’s working very well. However, I’m having problem issues after deploying and sharing the form’s link with my colleagues, who will fill it out with data collected in the work field. They are receiving the message below. I would like to know what I need to do to solve this problem. Thanks for your attention.

Welcome to the community, @rstavora! It should be a sharing issue. Could you go to the project admin account and then see if the user who is facing this issue has the Add submissions permissions? I assume that the user who is facing this issue only has the View submissions permissions. Update the permission and the issue should be resolved.

Dear Kal, thanks for the answer.
That may be the reason why, because I didn’t give access to anyone in my team. But what should I do if wanted to publish the survey on the internet, so that anyone could participate and complete the online form? Should I give access to everyone?

If it’s not a shared project ensure that your respondents use modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. Be sure that the browsers are up to date with its latest release.