Error open csv into KoboKollect

Hi Kobo comunity!

I have a little issue with a form. I couldn’t open a form that I have previously downloaded into the app. It appears the next message of error:

I don’t know why but this form works perfectly on the web.

I really appreciate your support.

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Welcome back to the community, @segadu78! Would you mind sharing your CSV file with the community so that the community should be able to have a closer look at your file to see if there are anything missing?

Hi @Kal_Lam!

Yes, sure!

Thank you for your response!
CDC_Mpo.csv (48.9 KB)

@segadu78, try with the following CSV settings (i.e. without the language code in the label) and that should solve your issue:


Thank you very much for your help @Kal_Lam ! You are the best! (Y)

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