Error Opening Blank Forms on Android App

Hello all!

One of our users continues to receive the below attached error when they open a new blank form on their Android app. I was hoping one of y’all could help us figure this out. I believe the xlsx code is fine as another user on two different devices hasn’t had any errors. Just wondering what could be causing this.


Welcome to the community, @dmora127! Would you mind validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues within your XLSForm.

Please let us know on what happens.

No errors, just reports back the suggestions for using the max pixel parameter to speed up submission.

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@dmora127, which version of the Collect android app are you using? By the way, could you also share a screenshot of what you got when validating your XLSForm with the online validator? These details should help the community troubleshoot your issue.