Error previewing form

self hosted server - there is no date question yet, trying to include one now for reporting purposes

Download your survey form as XLSForm and check out for the variable ${datecoompleted}. You could also easily validate your XLSForm through this online validator.

i replaced the form with the original i used and loads / previews fine now

when i go to edit the form to add another date being the date the form is submitted it errors.

this is similar to what i’m now trying to achieve but without the errors :slight_smile:

@kh1, maybe you could share youe XLSForm with the community here. The community should also help you troubleshoot your issue.

aiTPvUGtABdeXXZJgkb2Lu (2).xlsx (8.9 KB) original

aiTPvUGtABdeXXZJgkb2Lu (3).xlsx (9.0 KB) erroring with additional date

wanting to do this with all my forms so that i can generate reports via power bi with the input form data.

@kh1, OK, I see that you have used the variable name under the ${datecompleted} SETTINGS sheet under the instance_name:

You will need to review it to resolve this.

do i delete that part? :S

@kh1, if the same variable is not in the survey sheet, you will not need it. So it depends on what you wish to do with this.

the first date thats in the form is used conditionally if a question is answered a certain way

however i wanted to add an additional date field just to collect the date the form has been filled in with so that in Power_BI i could generate a report with months along the bottom and if any delays occured and when as an example report.

The issue is there because you are trying to link it with a variable that does not exist in the survey sheet.

i didnt create the form.

I uploaded into kobo server and edited within kobo, doing nothing other than inserting a date field, no additional settings. saving it then previewing to find the initial error.

If you didn’t create the form and do not need the same, maybe it’s safe you delete it and then try it out again.

that worked, thank you,

need to figure how to change how the date looks now and not just in this form :slight_smile:

thanks again

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