Error processing form (Time displayed on Android app while accessing form is 2 hours before the form was deployed)

Hello all.
I have forms that have been deployed successfully but I am having trouble having the forms Processed on the Kobo collect app on the android phones. I see a 2 hour lag between the time the form is deployed and when it’s downloaded on the collect app. Can I be helped.
Thank you

Hello @Oku_law,
the time lag may be caused by wrong date/tkme/timezone configuration of the phone. Or the form just references the server time/timezone.
@Josh could explain whuch time is referenced on form.version level here.

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Time zone configuration seems fine as seen in the screenshot below.

May be @josh can help out

Hi @Oku_law and @wroos, the date and time displayed in the form version string is UTC time, so it will not necessarily match with your local timezone.