Error: 'Pull Data' Checklist, data table empty

Dear @Kal_Lam

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I am facing problem, when it comes to upload data from the checklist (the form is pulling data from parent checklist). Although the checklist is linked with parent checklist but the fields which submitted as empty is input type select_one and date.

The issue is with some of the field. I have attached the form (with yellow highlighted fields/rows) for which the data is blank in server. Also attaching the downloaded excel for referance.

Please help to get the data.

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RI_Followup-JHK_CHILD_-all_versions-English_en-_2021-11-26-05-29-22.xlsx|attachment (24.4 KB)
Form (Checklist).xlsx (34.6 KB)

Sorry @aditya, could not understand your issue. Could you simplify them with some screenshots if possible so that the community could help you solve your issue?

Hi @Kal_Lam
Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Form with below field,

is not showing any data in table

Can not understand, why the data is not showing in table/download.

Please suggest.

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@aditya, do you see then under the DATA>Table in the server?

@Kal_Lam Yes i checked DATA>Table. Data is not there also.

Someone please help. We have 60 row entries but without data.

@aditya, can you ensure that these forms were visible in your survey form when you collect your data?


I have rechecked the same from my own device/mobile, before posting in this platform.

All data field are not empty. Data is missing for the fields under group named ‘due_list’ (from Row36 to Row 238), where as the group rest fields are capturing and submitting data as expected. (Checklist - Form (Checklist).xlsx (36.1 KB)

Below is the screenshot of the fields for which there is data in table also.


Dear all

Please suggest the possible error in the form.


@aditya, could you share with me the following through a private message so that I could cross-verify it?

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Hi Aditya,

Your field ${cal_age_days} does not return an integer but a date instead, as you may see in the note field ${age_week_note}. Because of this, all the “relevance” fields in your problematic fields are wrong.

This is because the calculation is a simple subtraction of two dates, which does not need to cast the dates into integers. I could make your form work by putting this into the calculation property of your ${cal_age_days} field:

The function round() will force the two operands to be cast into integers, and the result will therefore be an integer.

Tell me if it worked for you…


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Thankyou for the response. The form is working fine without/with the function ‘round’. The problem is with data saving. My table is showing blank. I checked with round function also.