Error: Redis connection to redis-cache.domain.private:6380 failed - connect ECONNREFUSED

Hello everyone!

I have a KoBo installation that was working properly, however, since yesterday I am getting this error:

As far as I can see it stays in loop and therefore consumes all the processor of the vitual machine.

Any ideas?


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Check if your redis-cache container is running properly. Restart the container and try again.

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I did it but it didn’t work

@SebastianZ Had you found what cause the Redis issue ?

After checking, I discovered that the issue was with the server’s integrity. Although I fixed the server initially, I encountered the same error a couple of months later. However, I was able to resolve it by following the instructions outlined in this post: Kobo install process failing - connection refused - #9 by stephenoduor.

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@SebastianZ, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

thank you for finding this solution! saved me many hours since I was at a complete loss for what was happening in the middle of the night :slight_smile:

Cross post from the linked thread…

Thank you!! Thank you!!! I was doing a routine service account password rotation that required me to stop and restart the containers to load the new env variable. I have done this at least a dozen times with no issue. Then, of course, last night during the mid-night maintenance window…the containers wont come back up and enketo workers kept passing away because they couldn’t connect and I had absolutely NO idea why! After some choice language, I found your post. The steps worked perfectly, but man what a find @SebastianZ !!

Is there any idea why Redis/Redis cache all of a sudden were trying to use the same ports? Very strange all of a sudden they just conflicted…

anyway, a late night saved again by the Kobo community!