Error seen when trying to edit a survey form with hidden question type (that was uploaded as an xlsform)

security.xlsx (9.6 KB)

i have the form ( on attachment ) , that when i send to the kobo , and deploy , he runs perfect .

but when i click in edit form , he show the erro ( i have upload the image too ) .


so when i click on ‘Save’ on edit form , all the fields hidden are deleted , like the print below .

someone knows why this happens ? i need use hidden fields , because i have associate theses field with some criteria notes like for example

Weighted Average .

q1 multiply p_q1 div 10 + q2 multiplu p_q2 div 10
p_q1 = 3
p_q2 = 4

so , 0,3 + 0,4 = 0,7 .

We have had this issue raised in the community in the past and have already put the issue with our developers. FYI,

The good news is that, the feature is already ready with our testing and it should be shortly released to both our servers viz. OCHA and HHI. Will also let you know, once when the same is released.

Hi @thiagokamikaze,

Kindly please be informed that the hidden question type is now supported in the form builder UI as well and thus, you should not see the error message that you have been seeing previously.

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