Error seen while uploading data from KoBoCollect android app


I am having problems uploading a filled questionnaire. I have looked at the forum and have made sure that my settings are correct. these settings also allowed me to download the form from my account. I have attached two photos: one of the error and the other one of my setting


Welcome to the community @u_huerta! The Server Settings seems OK. Would you now check the following so that we could troubleshoot your issue:

  • Is your device connected to the internet? If no, you could have an issue while trying to submit the data to the server.
  • Are you seeing this issue only with this particular device or do you face the issue with other devices too?
  • Is you password input correct? Try retyping your password to ensure that the password input is correct.
  • Is the date and time correct in your device? Sometimes, distortion of date and time also affects the submission of your data from the device.

Please feel free to reach us back with a screenshot of the error message that you see if the above did not work for you.