Error: server does not accept more data

Hola equipo, les comento que estoy teniendo el problema para enviar datos.
Estoy en servidor humanitario, mi proyecto esta público. El error aparece cuando estoy editando un envío pero al actualizarlo y volverlo a enviar no es posible.

Gracias por la ayuda

@raquelchaicoj, so you are on a humanitarian server, and then you tried to edit submissions on the server and then try to submit the edited submission; you received this error message? Could you also translate the error message for the community? This should help the community to troubleshoot.

hola, si, este es el error. claro yo lo traslado a la comunidad ¿cómo lo traslado? pensé que este espacio era de la comunidad. ayuda porfavor. :grin:

Thank you for all the details provided. We were referring to if you would be able to translate this screenshot’s error message to English?

That would help us troubleshoot your issue!

Hi @raquelchaicoj, can you please send me a private message with the following details so that I can investigate:

  • username
  • server (humanitarian/non-humanitarian)
  • project
  • _id values for some affected submissions
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The data server does not accept data.
please contact the survey administrator. (400)

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Thank you for sharing the translation @raquelchaicoj! We will get back to you soon!

Hi @raquelchaicoj, I haven’t been able to replicate the issue with the submission _ids you provided. Can you please confirm if you are still experiencing this issue?

I am able to replicate the error message that you are receiving if I do the following:

  • user Bob opens submission s1 for editing
  • user Alice opens the same submission s1 for editing and submits changes
  • Bob tries to submit his changes and sees the error message The data server does not accept data. please contact the survey administrator. (400)

This is a scenario that can happen if you have shared the project with multiple people and you are trying to edit submissions at the same time.

Can you please check if this is in fact the situation you are experiencing?

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