Error: text is not localizable for default locale [English (en)]!


I believe my problem is not new but it appears to be similar to other issues reported.

I have been using the same xls form for the past 3 years without error but it is not working this time around.
The snapshot of the error and the xls files are attached.

After reading through the previous post, I noticed that the form works when I delete the lookup commands under “appearance”.

However, I really need the lookup commands because the external CSV file contains more than 1500 lists

Kindly help me with how to resolve the error without deleting the lookup commands.



@Kal_Lam Can you please help with this

@RayRay, when quickly looking at your choices sheet, I see the following:


Please note that space is not allowed when designing a form.

Fix this issue and try validating your XLSForm through the online validator again to see if there are any syntax issues. You will need to keep fixing the issue and then validating them again until you finally have no syntax issues.

Thanks for the response. But as mentioned and shown in the screenshot, there are no errors/issues with the form when I delete the lookup command under appearance.

However, I corrected the space and still have the same erorr.