Error to deploy survey form

I am working on Kobo for a survey. I have created a survey form and tried to preview/deploy the form. But it says There has been a problem trying to replace ${} with the XPath to the survey element named ". There is no survey element with this name.* What does this mean? How will it be resolved?

Welcome to the community, @tirthk.timsina! This generally means that you are trying to use some expressions where you are trying to reference a variable name that does not exist in the survey tab. To troubleshoot the issue more quickly you will need to download your survey project as an xlsform and then validate them with this online validator. The online validator should help you identify issues within your xlsform.

Dear @Kal_Lam. Thank you for your suggestion. I tried to download but no any respond found. There is no any problem to edit, save but i faced problem on preview, download and deploy the form. What could be other solutions?

Dear @tirthk.timsina
The fact that you have a problem deploying and previewing means that the issue exists with your form. The error message points to a reference to a non-existent question with a calculate, reference, or validation calculation. It would help if you looked at your survey row by row to ascertain which question introduced this error.


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Thank you @stephanealoo for your suggestion. I will check each variables thoroughly. Appreciated.

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