Error to load data. A red cloud appears

I have an error in my kobocollect App, when I am trying to send data, appears a red cloud and also I can’t edit again, please how can I solve it?

@ismaelvenegas, what does the error message say? Could you also translate it into English, please? Doing so would help the community to understand and troubleshoot your issue.

I tried to send the form, but doesn’t works, only appear the red cloud with the sign of exclamation, I can’t send this forms, in other cases there wasn’t problems, only in this case. why? what can I do? is there a way to recover data into the cellphone? because I neither can view or edit the survey.

@ismaelvenegas, is this the error message you get under the Send Finalized Form? If yes, could you also share a screenshot of the Settings>Server so we can troubleshoot your issue?