Error trying to connect

When trying to connect the form on Kobo to Power Query the folowing error appears:

It works for some forms on the same account but not for others.

Hi @gildacah,

If it works in some accounts, it is because your credentials are recorded, these could be api key or user name and password. I will share with you a tutorial to show how to connect to Kobo to Power Query.

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@gildacah, in addition to @osmanburcu’s advise please use the V2 API.

Could you please provide the link for the v2 API? The one on the thread doesnt allow me to get the links of star the session

Hi @gildacah, KoboToolbox Form Building API

Hello! When I press the “get” button this happens:


Hi gildacah, get button is different than you think i believe, if you can explain, i can help

@gildacah, try using this API (as discussed in our previous post) and it should work: