Error using pulldata or dynamic data attachment error CSV column heading "

Hi all,

When I try to use a form with the pulldata function I get the error CSV column heading ", when I preview or run the form. I have uploaded the form and csv to as a trouble shooting step and it works find there, so I think its my install.

Any ideas?

Welcome to the community, @sheldon.lucas! Woudl you mind sharing the CSV file with the community so that the community should be able to help you scan and see if your CSV should have any issues that is causing this error message to pop up.

payslip.csv (71 Bytes)
Here is the file.

Maybe this should be the problem here:


Try making it as shown in the image below:


This should solve your issue!

Sorry same issue.
When I tried to use the Dynamic Data Attachments approach I get the same error as well.

Could you provide more details on this? Dynamic Data Attachement and pulldata functions are something different where the: the former pulls the information from a deployed survey project while the latter pulls the information through a CSV file.

I have installed KoBoToolbox on my own server.

I have a list, which I provided as csv, that I will use in a form to lookup data.
I first tried to use the pulldata function and then got the error I described.
I then tried to use the Dynamic Data Attachment support as that was a better fit, since we could add to the list via Kobo forms.
I also got the error using that functionality as well.

When I tried the pulldata function approach on and it worked, I figured something was wrong with my installation.

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@sheldon.lucas, maybe if you wish to learn more about the dynamic data attachment, you could go through our support article:

The issue I have is that the pulldata nor dynamic work on my own installation, that is what I need help with.

So you mean it works smoothly in a publicly hosted server (KoboToolbox server) but not in your self-hosted server? If this is the case, maybe you will need to recheck your configuration.

Yes thats correct. So where can I get guidance on where to check.? Once I dont have either of those features forms work as expected.