Error viewing data table, reports and data export

Hello! I am not able to access the table with the submissions in the Kobotoolbox management panel. This started happening when I tried to manually update a submission. I took a submission that had already been submitted and changed the version of the form so that it recognizes the new questions. I believe that the repeated uuid is conflicting and does not allow me to access the data table. I managed to download an xls from the old version and found the uuid duplication problem. As I cannot access the table with the submissions, it is not possible to delete it. Do you know how I can proceed in this situation? Thanks!

Welcome to the community, @thoma! Could you also let us know the server you are using?

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@Kal_Lam, thank you for your welcome and for your attention. Access to the table is back. From what I understand the problem is only with a submission I made. When I filter it in the table, the error 500 occurs. The problems with the reports and the failure to export data remain. I believe that if I delete the submission I can fix the problem. Is there another way to delete the sub mission other than accessing the table?