Error when importing question block from library


We are building public collections in the library so that anybody in the organisation can access a form and use it. The forms are usually in multiple languages. Once the form is in the public collection, I use this procedure to get the form:

  • Clone the block of questions so that it goes to “my library”
  • go back to Project
  • Click on New -> Build from scratch and add a title
  • Click on Add from Library
  • Drag and drop the block into the form
  • Save and deploy

I have few questions and issues:
1/ Is this procedure right? Is there a quicker way to do it? can we not access directly the public collections when editing a form in the form builder?
2/ I know we are supposed to click on manage translations to edit the languages, but I’ve already put the right language format in excel. Can we skip that?
3/ Even when doing the manage translations thing, the translations are completely messed up and I have an “english” with english questions and french answers, and a “french” with french questions and no answers. The french translation for the options went on the “original string” when clicking on manage translation.

Original form is attached, the one that I uploaded in the public library.

Thanks for your help!


NRGT_Form_20190708.xlsx (20.1 KB)

Responding to some of your issues here

Yes that is the right procedure up there

Unfortunately that is the way to do it via library

You should be able to easily access the public collections. Could you indicate what you see on your public collections list while editing a form

You may not skip that process though

This is weird, let me look at this and will respond to you on the same


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Thanks a lot Stephane!

When I edit a form I don’t see anything from the public collection, only the block I added by cloning in the library :